AQUAMARINE (march): Brings out courage while releasing anxiety and fear.  It is thought to soothe and promote relaxation on long journeys.  Many believe that it protects sailors at sea and prevents sea sickness.

AMBER: The hardened resin of tree sap is used to draw out negative energy and dispel depression.  This stone also promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

AMETHYST (february): Calms emotions, creates clarity of thought, and assists in attaining wisdom.  Useful in combating addiction, obsessive compulsive disorders, and insomnia.  

BLACK ONYX: Deflects the negativity of others.  Enhances determination, perseverance, self-confidence, and responsibility.  

BLUE TOPAZ (december): Promotes courage and overcoming fears or obstacles.  Traditionally a stone for writers, scholars, and artists; it can aid in higher thinking while easing mental anguish and promoting fidelity, friendship, gentleness, and integrity.   

CARNELIAN: A calming stone that protects against anger, envy, and fear.  It enhances creativity, aids memory, and keeps the wearer grounded and present so they can practice good judgement. 

CITRINE (november): Promotes optimism, opens the mind, while balancing patience and restlessness.  Known as the "merchant" stone, it is placed in businesses to attract and maintain prosperity.  It is also good for mental focus, endurance, and self-esteem.  

EMERALD (may): Believed to aid in fertility, improve eyesight, lift depression, and relieve insomnia.  They promote self-knowledge, peaceful dreams, and can help achieve balance. 

GARNET (january): Known as the stone of "passionate devotion" to family, friends, self, and purpose in life.  It is believed to stimulate the senses, increase vitality and stamina.  They can attract good luck in business.  

MOONSTONE (april/june): Aids communication by effecting clear thinking, inspiration, emotional balance, and receptivity.  Long regarded as the gem of psychic abilities, it is said to help in wish fulfillment. It also nurtures wisdom and promotes feminine health.  

PEARL (june): Are the oldest known gem and for centuries were regarded as the most valuable.  Unlike all gems, the pearl is organic matter derived from a living creature.  It is the symbol of purity and innocence, therefore is often worn by brides.  

PERIDOT (august): Thought to strengthen life, prosperity, growth, while increasing openness. It can help one better understand relationships while relieving depression, anger, fear, jealousy, and anxiety.

PINK TOURMALINE (october): Strengthens body and spirit.  It is believed to attract inspiration, aid concentration, encourage balance, and promote understanding.  It is also thought to calm nerves, soothe grief, promote balance, and build self-confidence.  

ROSE QUARTZ: The stone of "gentle love" brings peace and calm to relationships.  Excellent for healing emotional wounds, removing negativity, and restoring harmony after conflict.  Promotes an appreciation for art, music, and the written word.

RUBY (july): Used as protection from misfortune and bad health.  It is also used to open the heart.  When given as a gift, it is the symbol of friendship and love. The ruby is also a symbol of vitality and royalty.  

SAPPHIRE (september): Promotes peace and happiness, and is believed to inspire communication, insight, intuition, inspiration, and piety.  In ancient times, it was believed that sapphires could be used to predict the future. 

TIGERS EYE: Brings wealth, courage, strength, and joy.  The appearance of this stone is constantly changing which reminds us that life is always changing and to accept new directions in life.  

TURQUOISE:  Attracts money, success, and love.  In many cultures it is a stone of friendship. Turquoise heals while cleansing spiritual energy and the physical body.

WHITE OPAL (october): Amplifies personal characteristics to bring happy dreams and good changes.  Opals in general, are associated with change.