MEet Jenny

I was an engineer by education, spent 10 years as a management consultant, designing and developing  software for companies all over the US.

 I took a one day silversmithing class with some coworkers in 1999 and never stopped playing with silver.  I was tireless in creating.  I left my desk job when I was pregnant with my first to try and make a go of doing what I love to do and making a living at it.  I got certified in teaching yoga and started selling my wares in craft and fashion fairs to get a feel for what was selling.  I had a set of alphabet stamps and made a friend with a new baby a charm necklace with her son's name/b-date on it and thus fell into handstamped personalized jewelry.  It is a niche in the market that has exploded in the last decade and I am happily riding the wave as long as it lasts. 

For 5 years I treated it as a hobby and learned everything I could and one day decided to start my own business.  

JennyWear Jewelry: Handcrafted in Denver, CO

I always considered myself  more of a crafts-woman than a designer, so I was surprised when my business started taking off.  Fast forward 10 years and JennyWear Jewelry is what it is today.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by inspiration.  My family, my customers and their stories, and yoga all lend to my creative process and are truly a gift that allows me to create.  It's important to me that I create something that someone else will treasure.  Hearing stories of what my work does for a family is rewarding.  Some offer a way to celebrate and mark a special moment.  Some honor a memory of a loved one who has passed.  Some are just for fun, but it all means so much to me to be a part of it.  


I have two ways I sell:

One is a wholesale package for boutiques and stores where we choose standard, hand stamped charms with popular sayings and local favorites, allowing your customers to create a unique piece of jewelry in your store.  These charms are chosen by the store owner and are relevant to your demographic.  There are order requirements, but no limits.  We can customize your experience to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.  

My retail business is more organic.  Each piece is made to order.  I don't carry back stock of the pieces on my site, so when you order you know that piece was hand stamped just for you.  

Handwriting charms are created after I have your image.  I etch them using a complex chemical process then each piece goes through a minimum of four rounds of filling, sanding, buffing, and rubbing to a soft brushed finish.  Each piece is given lots of love and is intended to have a handcrafted (not perfect) look and feel.  

My friends and family are constantly giving me ideas and inspiration for new pieces, and over time my product line has expanded.  I love trying new things and am always open to new ideas which has been great for my customers and my sense of creativity.  

I have been very lucky that my business has grown in a slow and steady pace.  I have assistants who help me prep charms, wrap gemstones, and other various tasks which allows me to focus on creating and keeping the product integrity and vision.   

My family loves getting in on the action too!  My kids love to put the finishing touches on my packaging and my husband gives me technical support (not to mention carrying the extra family responsibilities during the busy season).  It seems that people find their way into my life at the perfect time to help make this business as great as it is.  Thank you for all your continued support (and for reading all the way to the end).  


She believed she could, so she did.
— R.S. Grey